Sustainable dog wear

We make ecological, regenerated harnesses from marine plastic waste collected from the oceans

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Cleaning our planet one harness at a time

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GOTO for runners and hikers

Trail running, road running, cross country running, or walking off the trail to enjoy the wilderness scenery. When your dog just wants to run or hike, then the GOTO series is the choice.

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CASU for cool walks

Everyday life can be busy and hectic. When you want to end the day together by walking down the street smoothly and cool without any rush, then CASU series is the choice.

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Sustainable dog leashes

Delightful clear colors. Ultra light and durable clips. Color code your dog with a leash.

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We believe that the best outcome is achieved by following our own paths with our best friends. That's our way of doing it, and it can be seen and felt in our products. Acting differently is not worse or wrong, it’s just not GOTO-Sportwear.

Toni Koutu, Founder of GOTO-Sportwear

As a designer, I have the responsibility to choose materials for our products which do not harm our nature. Nature is a great source of joy for us, and therefore we in GOTO-Sportwear team want to do our best to protect and support it. Nature is one of our team members.

Kaisa Valtakari, Head of design of GOTO-Sportwear

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